Rick Dakan

Creating as a Human in the Age of AI

Generative AI is going to impact every part of pop-culture, from comics and games to movies and television. What does that mean for human creators? Disaster? Unbridled creativity? A sea of AI-generated nonsense? An opportunity for each of us to create in new and exciting ways? All of the above? Join game designer, writer, and AI Coordinator for Ringling College of Art and Design, Rick Dakan to speculate about creativity in the new AI era.

Time: TBD

TEDx Talk  Your Voice as A Superpower

A life-long adventurer of imaginary worlds, Shannon Live, knew her path would someday include advocating for creativity. As the Co-Founder and President of Bat City Comic Professionals, a 501(c)(3) educational organization, Live works with schools, libraries, and organizations like the Boys & Girls Club to develop programming that inspires creative learning using comic books as the primary resource. Join her as she delivers the TedX Talk she gave about how teaching young people to create comics has helped a new generation find their voice and an artistic outlet to express it through.

Time: TBD

Shannon Live
Cosplay Panel

How It’s Made: Cosplay

Join Nienna Nir and the TBACC  for an in depth workshop on the skills and techniques involved in costume and prop construction. They’ll be covering a wide array of the tools and materials of the cosplay trade with tips and tricks for how to get the most screen worthy results.

Time: TBD

Camelot to Coruscant: A Fan-Fiction Primer

What does Thomas Mallory have in common with the tens of thousands of amateur writers posting stories to the internet? A lot more than you might think. Writer and Fan-Fiction author Nienna Nir presents an introduction to fan-fiction as literature followed by a discussion of the potential impact of modern folklore.
Time: TBD

Nienna Nir