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FAQ Schedule2024-03-22T21:03:48-04:00
When may I begin lining up for a Q&A Panel?2023-12-30T16:30:56-05:00

Once a Q&A Panel has begun, we will begin forming lines for the next presentation.

Can I watch recordings of panels online?2023-12-30T16:30:24-05:00

Unfortunately, we do not have the recording capability to handle this in our first year.

Do you clear the room between panels?2023-12-30T16:29:23-05:00

Yes, rooms will be cleared between each panel. This is to make room for other activities that will be happening in the Ken Clark Building at the Sarasota Fair Grounds, including a cosplay contest and comic creation workshops.

Where are the Q&A Panels at SiestaCon?2023-12-30T16:27:53-05:00

All panels will be held in the Ken Clark Building at the Sarasota Fair Grounds.

What is a Q&A Panel?2023-12-30T16:26:06-05:00

A Q&A Panel is a programming session about a specific topic. The panelist speakers are often fans or professionals who work in the related industry. It’s a great opportunity to ask questions, learn more about a topic that fascinates you, and make friends who share your interests.

When will the schedule be released for SiestaCon?2023-12-30T16:24:07-05:00

A tentative hour-by-hour schedule will be posted 1-2 weeks before the show on our website. Occasionally there are last minute changes to the schedule, and we will do our best to advertise those changes.

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