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FAQ Photography2024-03-22T21:03:48-04:00
Will I be on camera?2023-12-30T16:47:19-05:00

Yes. Closed caption security is in effect throughout the convention.

In addition, you may be filmed in some way, shape, or form by convention attendees or by convention staff.

Please Note: By entering SiestaCon, the ticket holder grants Siesta Conventions, LLC and their respective agents the unrestricted right and license to use the holder’s name, likeness and voice in any production, reproduction, distribution, transmission, publication, public performance, broadcast or exhibition of advertisements, broadcast or telecast of the Event, promotions, contests, photograph taken, or other transmission or reproduction in connection with the event for any purpose, without compensation.

Can I take a photo of/with (Guest name) with my own camera or phone?2023-12-30T16:40:31-05:00

Some Guests allow selfies at their autograph table. If they offer selfies, you will find the pricing by clicking on their picture on the Special Guests page. Occasionally, guests will add the selfie option when they arrive at the show, and the info will not be posted to the website.

Photography is allowed in most areas of SiestaCon. Please be respectful when taking pictures, and ask subjects if it is okay to photograph them. Some Guests may request no photography at their tables and in Q&A Panels – signs and crew will be present in these areas. Please respect and adhere to all requests for no photography.

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