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What is your Costume and Harassment Policy?2023-12-30T15:32:18-05:00

SiestaCon is dedicated to providing a safe place where fans can celebrate fandom to its fullest.

Safety, security & an open, inclusive, respectful environment with zero tolerance for misbehavior are fundamental to the show.

We do not tolerate violence, mistreatment, or any type of harassment towards staff, exhibitors, Guests, or attendees at any of our events.

You may view our full anti-harassment policy here.

If you feel your or others safety is in question, please report directly to security on-site.

If you or someone else has been involved in an incident we should be aware of, please report this to report@siestacon.com.

What happens if my costume includes a weapon?2023-12-30T15:26:07-05:00

Please consult our Props Policy for costumes.

When is the costume contest at SiestaCon?2023-12-30T15:25:04-05:00

Once available, information about the costume contest will be found here.

Do I have to wear a costume to attend?2023-12-30T15:24:05-05:00

No costume required! Civilians are welcome! Many of our attendees enjoy wearing costumes and spend a lot of time, effort, and money creating their costumes (“cosplay”). However, it is not a requirement to wear a costume to attend SiestaCon. Many families coming with kids may find that the younger ones want to come in costume, but everyone should do what works for them. If you get to the show and feel inspired to take on an alter-ego, you’ll find lots of exhibitors selling wigs, hats, props, and fun accessories.

Can you tell me if my prop is allowed at SiestaCon?2023-12-30T15:23:20-05:00

We are unable to answer specific questions regarding props and costumes. Our trained Security has final approval. Please read the Props Policy.

What is your costume policy?2023-12-29T16:44:18-05:00

SiestaCon reserves the right to reject any costume at any time and for any reason. To remove any doubt, the absence of clothing or a costume is not itself a costume and nudity is not allowed at any Siesta Conventions, LLC event. All costumed attendees are required to have opaque fabric of some type covering the appropriate areas of the body; opaque bodysuits that simulate nudity are not allowed. Anyone wearing a costume that is too revealing in the sole judgment of SiestaCon will be asked to leave the event.

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