SiestaCon in an inclusive environment and welcomes cosplayers of all fandoms and body types.

To remove any doubt regarding appropriate costuming/clothing, the following guidelines must be adhered to when wearing a costume to a Siesta Conventions, LLC event:

  1. The absence of clothing is not itself a costume; nudity is not allowed at any Siesta Conventions, LLC events. All SiestaCon attendees are required to have opaque fabric of some type providing complete coverage of breasts, genitals, and buttocks. Bodysuits that simulate nudity are not permitted. Anyone wearing a costume that is too revealing in the sole judgment of Siesta Conventions, LLC will be asked to leave the event.
  2. Costumes/clothing must not contain words or images that are racist, obscene or derogatory. This includes Ahegao, Swastikas or other Nazi imagery, KKK hoods or other paraphernalia, etc.
  3. Costumes/clothing that are in and of themselves deemed to be racist, obscene, or derogatory by the organizers will not be allowed.
  4. Costumes or props that incorporate chemical special effects are prohibited. This includes helium balloons, any type of smoke or other pyrotechnics, or costumes that expel liquids, gasses, or other matter.

Siesta Conventions, LLC reserves the right to reject any costume at any time and for any reason.